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Meet Dr. Masud

Meet Dr. Masud 

Nour Masud, DDS, MS is a graduate of the School of Dental Medicine at the  State University of New York at Buffalo, She is Board Certified in General Dentistry, a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial pathology, and a fellow in The Academy of Oral Medicine,  American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Special Care, and Hospital Dental care. Additionally, Dr. Masud  has a sub-specialty in Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction,  treating and managing diseases of the Temporomandibular joint, and orofacial pain. Dr Masud is also well-trained in managing the medically compromised patients specially patients on blood thinners, organ transplants, blood diseases and cancer patients

 Dr. Masud has 14 years of dental experience, she worked as the Assistant Director for the General Practice Residency Program at Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) , she supervised and taught dental residents and  treated patients in private dental settings and the operating room. 

 Dr. Masud's professional memberships include: the American Dental Association; New York State Dental Association, 8th District Dental Society of Buffalo, American Academy of Oral Medicine, American Academy of Oral Pathology, and Special Care Dentistry Association. Dr. Masud invests a great deal of time in continuing education in order to stay up to date with the latest preventative, diagnostic, treatment methods, and techniques in order to provide the best possible care.   

Dr. Masud resides in Williamsville with her two daughters and husband who is a Professor of Mechanical engineering She enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, photography, and travel.
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